Random SEO Myths

Random SEO Myths

In the world of digital marketing, especially SEO, there's a critic and an expert in every corner.

However, for every expert there are dozens of pretenders.

So, in honour of the pretenders, let's bust some SEO myths.

In no particular order.

Google Updates a Few Times a Year:

We wish!
The reality is Google is hard at work with their massive team updating their search algorythms hundreds of times per year. Tons of little changes are going on all the time.

SEO is Something IT Can Take Care of:

While yes, SEO and parts of digital marketing can be very technical, it would be very short sighted, and quite frankly a huge mistake to just hand off an entire web project to a web designeror IT person.

High Ranking is the Only Thing That Matters:

Rankings are great and everything, but as a business owner are you going to be mesmerized by where your website ranks or do you want your website to make sales? If you had a focus on conversion in addiiton to rankings, you could have a stellar digital marketing campaign.

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