Understanding Mobile Search in Canada

Understanding Mobile Search in Canada

post080815-google-mobileEarlier in the year (2015), Google and Nielson put together a study on Mobile Search in Canada. We really love this, because it is Canada-based. Most studies we see are done in the US, so it was really nice to see one that was done in Canada.

Here is a recap:

Mobile Search Moments Canada

Understanding How Mobile Drives Conversions

The mobile search trifecta: Key to winning moments that matter

Mobile search in Canada is...

Always-on: 8/10 of mobile searches occur at home or at work.
Purposeful: 41% of mobile searches are goal-oriented.
Immediate: 75% of mobile conversions take place within one hour of the search.

We live in a cross-screen world. Mobile search is always-on.
80% of mobile searches happened where a computer is available.

Mobile search is fast and convenient.
79% of mobile searches are driven by speed, convenience, or urgency.

Mobile searches have purpose.
41% of all mobile searches are goal-oriented.

Mobile search drives valuable outcomes.
37% of mobile searches result in conversions (store/website visit, call, purchase, download).

Mobile searches trigger quick follow-ups.
75% of conversions occur within one hour of the initial mobile search.

For more information: Download pdf from Google

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